Two Important Footnotes


We specialize in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Distribution
  • and internet businesses

with market values between $500,000 and $10 million.

We do not handle restaurants, motels, retail stores, startups, etc.

Experience & Location

Experience - Barry and Tyler dedicate 95% of their time to So-CalBusinessBrokers together with Board of Director's roles and Ownership of several family businesses (peak annual revenues $50 million). This business knowledge and experience is of great value in maximizing values for So-CalBusinessBrokers' clients.

Location - So-CalBusinessBrokers' main office (San Marcos) is at one such business (Grows indoor plants on 60 acres on Hawaii's Big Island and wholesales them nationally from their 75,000 sf greenhouse in San Marcos, Ca).

Finding Buyers
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Types/Sizes of Businesses
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Best Possible Transaction
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Tax and Legal Issues
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So-Cal Business Brokers

We represent sellers, not buyers, and have been doing it for over 20 years and have an outstanding 90+% Success Rate! We encourage you to spend time on this website as it is our means of sharing a lot of vital information that can help you avoid mistakes and maximize your transaction. At a minimum, view and understand The Best Possible Transaction and The Sales Process and you will know more than 90% of the people who want to sell their businesses and a lot more than most business brokers.

We concentrate our coverage in Southern California with a major emphasis on Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego Counties and we do not charge an ‘up-front’ fee. Many in this industry charge for valuations, industry reviews, ‘packaging’, expenses, etc. and our sole compensation is a Success Fee that is paid when your transaction closes —- in essence, we only get paid when you get paid and if we can’t sell your business at a price and upon terms acceptable to you, then you do not owe us a dime!

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Running Your Business
Planning Your Exit
Executing the Plan
Money in the Bank
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