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When is the Right Time to Sell a Business?

Prior to contacting a business broker Orange County, a lot of questions go through the mind of a business owner. Most of these questions are on whether it is the best time to sell. For some business owners, selling was not the initial plan. Some wanted to run their business and pass it down to […]

What are the Ingredients of a Great Business Broker?

Hiring a business broker San Diego requires a great deal of research. You cannot just hire the first person that gets in your way. You need to dig deeper into the expertise of the broker before you bring him or her onboard. It is also good to match the broker to the type of sale […]

What the Purchase Offer Should Include when Buying or Selling a Business

A good business broker San Diego will help you find the right buyers. It is the duty of a business broker not just to find a person interested in buying your business but also to do a background check to ensure the potential buyer has the means and interest to buy your business. Once you […]

Contracts You Have to Sign When Buying or Selling a Business

One of the duties of a business broker Orange County is to help you with the paperwork. In the sale or purchase of a business, you will come across several contracts. Making sure you understand each of these contracts is the key to avoiding trouble down the road. In this article we shall be taking […]

Orange County Business Broker – Best Tips for Working with a Business Broker

Finding a business broker Orange County is quite easy. With a simple Internet search, you will find the contacts of dozens of promising firms in your area. The problem, however, is that not every business broker you contact will have your best interest at heart. Some are out to make money at your expense. Additionally, […]

What You Get From Working with a Business Broker

A business broker San Diego is the best professional you can have on your team when getting ready to sell a business. The broker can help you find the best accountants and lawyers in your area and also help you improve your business to maximize profit. In this article, we will be taking a look […]

How to Negotiate When Buying a Business

Hiring a business broker Orange County is obviously the first thing you should do when planning to buy a business. Often times, buyers assume that only business owners can benefit from the services of a business broker. You will be surprised to know that buyers can also hire a broker. Even so, understanding how to […]

How to Purchase a Business with Seller Financing

It is not uncommon for a business broker Orange County to recommend buyer financing. This is the option in which the seller of a business agrees to give the buyer a loan that enables the buyer to easily purchase the business. This is not essentially a loan but rather an option that allows a buyer […]

Advantages of Buying a Cheap Business

It is not uncommon for a business broker San Diego to recommend that you purchase a cheap business. This is because a cheap business gives you the advantage of additional affordability and potential for high return on investment. But what exactly are the pros and cons? Business broker can give you the real truth and […]