Bringing in an experienced business broker Orange County to help sell your business is the best decision you can ever make. An experienced broker that has sold businesses like yours will be able to guide you through the process and guarantee that you close fast and for the right price. However, before you even get your business listed there are a couple of questions you need to answer.

How much is the business worth?

The value of a business is dependent on a number of factors. While the value of your assets will determine the value, there are various economic factors that will affect the final figure. The duty of business brokers Orange County is to help determine the real value of a business. They will perform business valuation and market research to determine the real worth of your business and set the most accurate selling price. If you don’t know how much your business is worth, selling it will be had.

How involved do you want to be during and after the sale?

One of the key reasons you hire a business broker is so that he can take over the sale. However, there are some business owners who still want to know every detail of the buyer’s visit to the business. Determining how much you wish to be involved will help smooth the process. The same goes for your involvement during transition. How long are you ready to stay on to guide the new owner? You need to answer this question early before listing. The last thing you want is for a deal to fall through simply because you gave the buyer the wrong impression.

How important is confidentiality?

In the sale of a business, confidentiality is very important. Leaks can lead to problems which range from employees leaving to suppliers dropping you. Needless to say, all these actions will cause the value of your business to decline. There are times when confidentiality is not that important. Either way, business brokers Orange County are experienced in maintaining confidentiality and will be of great help in this area.

How fast do you want to sell?

Last but not least you have to determine how fast you want to sell. On average it takes 8 to 10 months to close. Some businesses can be sold within a shorter period while others will take longer on the market. To sell fast, your business broker Orange County may recommend making compromises like accepting lower offers, offering seller financing among other things.

Bringing an experienced business broker early is the key to streamlining everything and achieving the best results. Don’t take too long to hire a broker.

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