Hiring a business broker Orange County is the best decision you can make when selling your business. This is because having an experienced broker by your side guarantees that you will deal away with the guesswork and the sale will complete fast and at the best price. But which services is a business broker able to offer you?

Business valuation

The first services all business brokers Orange County should be able to offer are business valuation services. This is performed to help determine the fair market value of a business as well as provide sellers and buyers with a business evaluation and appraisal. Prior to hiring a brokerage firm, you need to make sure that they offer valuation services. A good business broker will use textbook calculations as well as the conditions in the market to determine the best asking price.

Market the business

Another service you should get from a broker is the marketing service. The whole purpose of hiring a broker is to be able to advertise your business far and wide in order to get more buyers. Business brokers use multiple marketing channels to help you find the right buyer. What is more is that he will market your business to contacts already in his database and also liaise with other industry professionals to find the best buyer. This is done while maintaining confidentiality.

Guide you through the sale

Selling a business is not easy. It takes months and there are so many moving parts to keep your eyes on. Once you hire a business broker Orange County, he will take over the sale. This means you can focus on the core operations of your business while the broker handles the sale. The right broker will also help you prepare for the sale and assist with all the paperwork.

Provide financing assistance

The reason why most businesses remain on the market for long is because buyers lack the funds to finance the purchase. Business brokers Orange County can help your buyers secure financing. He has experience in the finance industry and will help buyers find financing assistance that is ideal for them. In addition to that, the broker can also help you, the seller, offer seller financing.

Prescreen buyers

Not every buyer that comes knocking is interested in buying your business. Most just want to snoop around. One of the duties of a business broker is to prescreen buyers to make sure they are serious about buying your business, their interests align with yours and they have the means to finance the purchase.

Assist with negotiations

Last but not least, your business broker should be able to assist you with negotiations and closing. With the level of experience he has, only a broker will be able to help you get best deal.

These are just the main services you can expect from a business broker in Orange County. Don’t hire a broker for the sake of hiring one. Hire him because he can deliver results. You also need to read and understand the contract before signing anything with a broker.

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