About Us

Barry G. Evans

Business Philosophy

As the founder and co-founder of So-Cal Business Brokers we are ‘hands on’ with the handling of every transaction. While we have a small administrative support staff and occasionally use outside consultants, being ‘hands on’ from inception to a closed transaction is not only appreciated by clients but it gives us the peace of mind of knowing with certainty that things are being done correctly and on time with the client’s best interests as our sole focus.


  • University of Washington, B/A Business & Finance
  • Wharton School of Finance various specialized studies
  • New York Institute of Finance various specialized studies

Career Involvements

  • Founded, built and managed a manufacturer’s rep firm after college
  • Stockbroker with the 5th largest member of the NYSE
  • Office Manager; then Regional Manager overseeing 5 stockbrokerage offices (100+ employees)
  • Founder/CEO of firm forming investment groups investing in CA income producing real estate.
  • Retired at age 40
  • Flunked retirement after 12 years
  • Handled, via equity participation, Sales/Marketing of $100 million new Southern California resort
  • General Partner and majority owner and developer of $200 million Central Oregon destination resort
  • Again flunked retirement
  • Ownership of and active as Business Broker since 1992
  • Board Member of a number of West Coast businesses
  • Google+

Tyler B. Evans

Business Philosophy

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to partner with top industry professionals in a variety of fields inclusive of manufacturing, wholesale, and service businesses. This knowledge, in conjunction with my continuous academic education has allowed me to ‘fast-track’ my career in the brokerage industry. I have learned how unique every business is and specialize in understanding the breadth, complexity, and passion of small business. That is why every client is given the same level of attention regardless of size or industry and our marketing packages reflect our intimate knowledge of the business, which leads to more interest and a faster closing.

Over the past 10 years I have contributed high-level management to a co-owned portfolio of businesses with aggregate revenues over $50 million. You will notice that our brokerage office is operated out of one of those businesses, which is a nursery that grows indoor plants. We are very proud that our team was able to create and implement a plan to grow that business from under $2 million in annual revenue to over $5 million in just two years, resulting in the company being named one of San Diego’s Top 100 fastest growing companies.

Many of our clients are people that have built a business over many years and are now at the point in their life when they would like to retire or move on to their next adventure. Part of life is setting a goal and working toward it, so I find it useful to share my own personal goal with potential clients to share in the spirit of moving forward with the next step in their career or life. My ideal retirement includes buying 40+ acres of land, and building a homestead where I can grow my own food, fix up an old ford side step truck, build my own house, and fish on a river that runs through the property. Give us a call to discuss your business and we can consult with you on what your next steps should be as you take the next step in your journey.


  • B/A Harvard University
  • Online Business Analytics Specialization: Wharton School of Finance
  • Member of CABB and IBBA with numerous industry specific courses


  • SCORE Mentor—helping small businesses grow
  • Bought, upgraded and managed a rental property
  • Purchased, managed and grew a service business