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5 Tactics for Negotiating a Business Purchase

Every business broker Alhambra knows that industry statistics, numbers, forecasts and profit margins provide a clear picture of businesses that are available for sale. Even so, most entrepreneurial shoppers lack the knowledge that is needed to interpret this data into something that can drive forward their own futures as business buyers. This is where we as So-Cal Business Brokers come in.

We understand that most entrepreneurial shoppers lack the experience and knowledge that is needed to interpret projections and figures. We also understand that the negotiation process is the most pervasive determinant of the ultimate outcome both in terms of appropriateness of entrepreneurial landscape and the financial levels buyers select to operate in. If you need assistance with negotiating a business purchase, we will help you with our five tactics.

Analysis and goals
In the first phase of negotiations, our business broker Alhambra will work with you to establish a goal-driven path. We know that the industry speculations are misrepresented by impressive but disarming statistics. We will support the fulfillment of your goals by establishing your industry preferences early. This helps prevents the tempting practice of purchasing a business opportunistically.

Due diligence
The substandard practice of due diligence is obviously the weakest point in the purchase of a business. You will be surprised to know that only 10% of buyers use the tool that creates a solid foundation for meticulous research. This tool is working with a business broker Alhambra. Our team ensures that due diligence is practiced in every step of the negotiation process. We scrutinize the seller’s books, review the business’ profit history, and analyze all the paperwork and much more. When it comes to our team, we can guarantee that no stone is left unturned.

Start negotiations with purpose
It is easy for an inexperienced negotiator to close doors that would have led to legitimate gains. This is common when the negotiator is unwary of the phased process of negotiations. Our business brokers are aware of the negotiating phases. Our team will offer data needed to draw interest without ever blocking room for potential deals.

Single purpose
Anxiety levels flare up and communication gets very risky when negotiations start. Our team can help find a common ground between the seller and the buyer to ensure the parties are moving in the right direction. With us, chances of emotions ruining the deal are zero.

Closure and red tape
Once a deal is struck, it has to be cemented with small print, binding agreements and legalities. We have the legal backing that is needed to seal the deal.

A targeted negotiation approach that accounts for the goal creation, market place data analysis and negotiation strength is what So-Cal Business Brokers will bring to the table. Give us a call today and allow us to get you the best possible deal.

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