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Common Questions Clients Ask About Selling a Business

When people say, ‘I want to Sell My Business Alhambra, they usually have a train of questions they are eager to ask a business broker. Our customer support team at So-Cal Business Brokers answers hundreds of questions almost on a daily basis. Let us take a look at the most common questions we get.

Can I sell my business Alhambra without involving a business broker?
The short answer to this question is YES. The long answer, however, is that selling without the help of a business broker in Los Angeles is ill-advised. It is a lot of work to sell a business. There are so many things you have to do from business valuation to marketing to negotiating to training and transition. You have to do all this while running your business.

Our business brokers are licensed, qualified and focused completely on selling your business. We also have a network of resources and huge databases of active buyer to help with the sale of your business. In addition to the full time job of a business broker is to sell businesses, it is good to note that our business brokers are in a better position to keep the sale confidential than you are.

Is my business worth selling?
At So-Cal Business Brokers, we believe that there is a buyer for virtually any business. Selling any business only requires listing it at the right price and selling at the perfect time. If you are using our team to sell your business, you will be marketing your business actively to identify the best buyer. We know that most businesses are worth selling. Our business valuation service will help you know how much you can get for your business. Give us a call now.

Can I do anything to speed up the sale?
There are many things you can do to support the sale of your company. The first thing we advise is for you to get your financials in order. Clean and well documented financials will significantly speed up the sale. Removing yourself from the operations is another thing we recommend. Buyers don’t want to purchase a business that cannot be run by anyone else. You need to train or hire a manager. Doing so will make your business attractive to buyers.

Can I list my business without letting anyone know?
The answer is yes. We highly recommend that you keep the sale confidential until after signing the closing documents and transferring ownership. We have a unique process for confidentiality management. When customers, employees, lenders and suppliers learn of the sale, they might leave. This can impact the value of your business negatively.

We have sold many businesses in Los Angeles. Regardless of the condition your business is in or how soon you want to sell it, we can help. Call us today to learn more.

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