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How to Get Ready for a Business Sale

I want to sell my business Arcadia is a decision made by business owners every now and then. The decision is made after lots of considerations. Thereafter, you will need to think about finding the right buyers. When it comes to this, you definitely need help from an experience business brokerage company like So-Cal Business Brokers. For the process to move smoother even with the help of our team, we recommend doing the following.

Identify the right type of buyers
Once you arrive at the decision that I want to sell my business Arcadia, there are basically three groups of buyers you will have to consider for your business. These are:

  • Strategic buyers. These buyers purchase businesses that align with their lifelong plans. We recommend strategic buyers because they tend to pay more.
  • Operator buyers. These buyers want a business that is successful so as to enjoy a great lifestyle and great income. They don’t have the experience or resources for risky transactions
  • Financial buyers. These focus on income and pricing. They will negotiate aggressively.

We have dealt with all three types of buyers. Our business brokers will evaluate your business to determine the type of buyer that would be most interested in buying your company.

Know the worth of your business
How much is your business worth? This is a question you have to answer before you list your business for sale. Our in house team will help with business valuation. We not only rely on textbook formulas but also consider the prevailing market trends to determine the best selling price for your business.

Make the business attractive
To sell the business fast, you will need to make it as attractive to your target buyers as possible. Our business valuation report will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business. We can help you come up with strategies that help make your business more attractive to your target buyers. What is more is that we will help you with timing so that you sell at a time when your business is at its best and when the market is ideal.

Qualify buyers
As you may have learnt from your years of operating your business, not every buyer that makes an inquiry is interested in making a purchase. The majority of buyers just want to snoop around. Our team will help qualify the buyers that come knocking. We do this by considering their interest in your business; know if they have the finances or resources needed to buyer your business and also consider their intentions with your business. Every buyer is further required to sign a foolproof nondisclosure agreement before being allowed into your business.

So-Cal Business Brokers is the leading business brokerage firm in Los Angeles. We are committed to helping our clients sell fast and achieve maximum profit from the sale of their business. Call us now to learn more on how we can help.

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