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Potential Risks of Selling on Your Own

Do you want to sell my business Barrett on your own? If you do you should weigh your option against selling with a business broker. You also need to understand that selling a business is not the same as running your business. At So-Cal Business Brokers we highly recommend that you hire us now and not when disaster strikes. In our years of experience selling businesses in San Diego, here are the potential problems that people run into when trying to sell on their own.

Word about the sale getting out

When you want to sell my business Barrett on your own, one thing that we have found is close to impossible to do is to maintain confidentiality. The reason for this is because buyers will automatically associate you with your business. In addition to that, you might not be able to write a foolproof NDA. When selling on your own, word almost always gets out. When this happens, employees, customers, suppliers and lenders tend to abandon ship because of the fear of the uncertain future. Needless to say, the value of your business will take a hit after this.

Our business brokers know how to maintain confidentiality and we will not be associated in anyway with your business. We also prescreen buyers and require them to sign an NDA before any information is revealed to them.

Selling for the wrong price

It is common for business owners to feel that their business is worth more. Even with the business valuation report in hand, they end up setting prices that are too high. This happens because emotions always cloud your judgment when selling something you have built from the ground up. One of the things our business brokers in San Diego will do is manage your expectations. We will then perform a business valuation and help set an asking price that lures buyers in and still helps you sell at a profit.

Committing everything to one buyer

As a business owner you will be busy running your business. This means reaching out to more buyers and discussing with several buyers will be difficult. You can only focus on a single buyer at a time. The problem with doing this is that you will not get competitive bids and your business will stay on the market longer. So-Cal Business Brokers will bring in multiple buyers and help with the discussions simultaneously. We have a huge in-house team for this and we know how to identify the right buyer and convince him to buy your business.

The above are just the main problems. Others include the fact that you have no experience in advertising a business for sale, you don’t know how to secure financing for the buyers, and you don’t have experience navigating challenges during the sale and so on. Always contact us when you want to sell my business Barrett. We have what it takes to sell fast and for the best price.

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