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What You Have to Remember When Working with a Business Broker

When it comes to commercial business sales Bell Gardens, the first thing you must do is hire a reliable business broker in Los Angeles. You will then need to understand the role of a business broker during the sale. At So-Cal Business Brokers, we have our client’s best interest at heart. This is why we take the time to educate clients about working with business brokers. Here are the important points we encourage you to remember at all times.

Your broker is just your representative
When coming to us for assistance in the sale or purchase of a business, some clients assume that hiring us will eliminate their involvement in the sale. That is not true. We are simply facilitators. We will never make any major decisions without first consulting you. To make things easier for you in commercial business sales Bell Gardens, So-Cal Business Brokers establishes a clear line of communication. We are a big fun of transparency. We are an open book and we encourage you to ask any question you might have. It is with the clear understanding of your needs and goals that we are able to represent you better.

You pay us on commission
Our fee comes when we have successfully help you sell or buy a business. The fee is usually a commission that we agree on in advanced. It can be as low as 5% or higher than 10%. It all depends on how complicated the transaction is. We encourage you to negotiate the commission before signing our contract.

Terms of service are not always fair
You probably have heard about some draconian terms given by certain business brokers in Los Angeles. One thing you can count on when working with us is that our terms are fair. Even so, we always encourage you to read through our contract before signing anything. In special conditions, we negotiate some of the terms in our contract.

The broker is responsible for confidentiality management
This is only fair because we are the team marketing your business and dealing with the buyers. So-Cal Business Brokers maintains confidentiality in several ways. We always prequalify buyers before letting them in and always require them to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Marketing is done without disclosing your company details.

We always put you first in commercial business sales Bell Gardens. Fill out the contact form on the right to talk to schedule a free consultation or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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