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We Help With Buy Side Financial Disclosure

When you say I want to sell my business Bell, one of the hardest things you will have to deal with is finding a good buyer. Once your business is listed, you will deal with all manner of buyers. Some will be serious about buying your business while others will just come knocking to learn a few things about your business secrets. You need a good business broker in Los Angeles to qualify buyers. This is where So-Cal Business Brokers excels.

One of our biggest tasks as a business brokerage company is to help you qualify buyers. Our mission has always been to connect you with the most qualified buyer out there. To do this, you need to contact us as soon as you say, ‘I want to sell my business Bell’. The sooner we start working for you the higher the chances of success. One of our areas of focus when qualifying a buyer is full financial disclosure. We look at three vital things.

Purchasing capability
The first thing our team does is to search for proof that a potential buyer has the financial capability needed to buy your business. If a buyer doesn’t have the financial capabilities to buy your business, it makes no sense to move forward with the discussions. We let such buyers go long before they get to you. This may sound harsh but it is necessary considering how complex and lengthy the process of selling a business is.

If you are a buyer, we can connect you with the businesses that meet your financial abilities. So-Cal Business Brokers has businesses for sale in a wide range of prices. 

Working capital
The second thing we do to seek buy-side financial disclosure is to confirm that the buyer has enough working capital to run your business after the transfer of ownership. While we love selling businesses, we want to make sure that the businesses we sell succeed. One way of doing this is to check if a buyer has the money needed for the operational costs of the business. What this means is that when you sell your business through us, you will be guaranteed of its future success.

Outside financing
We look at buy side financing to check if a buyer can qualify for financing. With deals of more than $250,000, buyers often require financing. Every financing method has its requirements. Full financial disclosure enables us to identify the financing options that are available and also helps us prepare the buyer well in advance.

Buy side financial disclosure is the key in setting up positive transaction for involved parties. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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