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Key Duties and Responsibilities of Our Business Brokers

Business brokers Borrego Springs play a very important role in helping business owners sell their businesses. However, not many people understand what business brokers really do. They just assume our duty is simply to sell your business and that’s it. At So-Cal Business Brokers we are committed to taking over the sale so that you can focus on the core operations of your business during the sale. It is only by understanding our main duties and responsibilities that you will be able to understand our true importance.

Pricing a business

To sell your business you first need to set a selling price. This is the price that helps the buyer know that the business is within their budget. Setting an asking price, however, requires that you know exactly how much your business is worth and how much it can get in the current market. Our business broker Borrego Springs will perform a thorough business valuation. This helps us know the fair market value of your business. We then consider the market climate. Here we look at the interest rates and how much businesses similar to yours sold for. This information enables us to set a selling price that not only lures more buyers in but one that helps sell for maximum profit.

Writing an offering summary

This is one of the most important marketing tools when selling a business. It is basically a confidential business review that is provided to interested buyers after they have signed the confidentiality agreement. Our team has sold many businesses similar to yours and we will be able to create an offering summary that wins the confidence of potential buyers. What is more is that we will prescreen buyers to ensure we only deal with serious buyers who have the means and will to acquire your business.

Marketing the business

This is the biggest role played by a business broker Borrego Springs. It is not easy to market a business for sale while maintaining strict confidentiality. Our team relies on multiple marketing channels to give your business maximum exposure. We also market specifically to buyers we believe will be a good fit for your business.

Organize and facilitate meetings

Business brokers are the buffers between the buyers and the seller. As a result, it is only by making sure we have found the best buyers that we organize meetings between you and them. We will also handle all negotiations and write the offers. Our team will also facilitate due diligence on your behalf.

Our primary job is to assist you sell your business to the best buyer. We help you with everything from getting your business ready for sale to facilitating the closing of the deal. Talk to us today. We offer a free consultation.

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