Brea Commercial Business Sales

We Can Help You Find the Right Business to Buy

Commercial business sales Brea are very prevalent. Your favorite store might be on sale but you might not realize it until the sale is finalized and they rebrand. If you are searching for a business to purchase, the first thing you should do is contact a business broker. At So-Cal Business Brokers we are always happy to meet up with investors and help them find the business that is right for them. However, before we commence with the search for businesses on sale, we will ask you the following questions to better understand your goals and match you with the right business.

What do you want from the business?
People buy businesses for many different reasons. We will want to know exactly why you are interested in the business. Do you want to run a business as a hobby or full time? Does the business need to be your primary source of income? Do you want to build equity or do you need something that can grow into a franchise? This question sounds simple but it is the key to matching you with the commercial business sales Brea.

How much money do you plan on investing?
This is another vital question that we have to ask you. We have worked with many buyers who know the type of business they want but their capital doesn’t allow. We see to it that we give you a realistic sense of what businesses are possible for your budget. Remember that even an existing business will not be profitable right away. We will help you know how much you should set aside to live off as the business gets off the ground.

If a loan is what you plan on using when purchasing a business, our in-house team will help you know the much you can secure and also help find the best lender to work with. So-Cal Business Brokers can also help you get seller financing.

What is your strategy?
This is a question that most people neglect. You need to be honest on how long your runway will be. Do you need a business to run for the next five years or something you can pass down to your heir? The answer to this question is very important to us because it helps us narrow down the list of potential commercial business sales Brea.

What are you good at?
To match you perfectly with a business that is on sale, we need to know what you are good at. We will look at your skill sets, professional experience, what you are comfortable with and other things.

Prior to finding you the right business to purchase, we will get intimate with you. We need to understand you on a personal level in order to match you with the perfect business. Call us today and let us match you with a business that you will enjoy running. 

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