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When is the Right Time to Sell a Business?

By the time they are contacting a business broker Buena Park, some business owners don’t have a valid reason to sell. Some are going through financial troubles and selling makes sense to them whereas others just want to put an end to the struggle of running the business. At So-Cal Business Brokers we can help determine if it is the best time to sell. Here are some valid reasons that clients give.

Declining profits and performance
Declining profits and performance can drain your motivation and energy. You may find that you no longer have the energy needed to build your business up again. When you come to us with this reason, we will evaluate your business to determine if there is something that can be done to increase profits. Some businesses, especially those facing new competitive threats are unlikely to recover. We will be frank with you on whether your business can recover or not. If selling is the only way forward, our business broker Buena Park will get you started on the right path to guarantee maximum profit.

Rising performance and climbing profits
Declining performance should not be the only reason for selling your business. If your exit strategy has always included selling in the end, then selling when your business’s performance and profits are climbing is the best time. Businesses that are growing sell faster and for better prices because they are attractive to investors. Performance and profit will impact how your company is valued. Our team will help with a detailed business valuation report and let you know if selling now is the best idea or not. In addition to the performance and profit, our team will consider various factors before advising you to sell or wait.

You no longer enjoy running the business
As a company grows, entrepreneurial challenges that were exciting motivators get replaced by administrative or human resource related challenges. At this point, you might feel like it is no longer fun to run your business. If this is the case, our team can advise you to prepare for an exit. We will help with pricing, negotiations, closing and all relevant paperwork to ensure everything runs smoothly and you get the best value.

Other notable reasons why our clients choose to sell include:

  • The businesses outgrows their skills
  • There are threats in the horizon
  • They find other lucrative opportunities

Whichever your reason for selling is, So-Cal Business Brokers can help sell at the right time and for the right price. Give us a call today and leverage on the expertise of our business brokers in Orange County. 

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