Are you ready to sell your distribution company? If you are, the first person you should consult is a business broker for distribution companies Orange County trusts. This is a professional involved in the sale of companies on a daily basis. They are in the best position to answer any question you may have and guarantee you sell fast, for the right price and to the right buyer. Find a business broker that specializes in the sale of distribution companies that are the same size as yours. Once that is out of the way, let’s take a look at crucial questions you must address before you go ahead with the sale.

Who should you hire?

While hiring a business broker for distribution companies Orange County trusts is the most important step, this is not the only professional you will need on your team. To achieve a smooth transition, you will also need a CPA to go through your books and help with taxes. You will also need the help of a transaction attorney. The best thing is most business brokerage firms have these professionals under their employ. This means you will only have one point of contact throughout the sale. However, you should not assume. Ask your business broker if they will avail these professionals.

How long will the sale take?

Understanding how long it typically takes to sell a distribution company will help with future planning. In most cases, the standard length of time of a business broker’s contract is usually one year. It mostly takes less than a year to sell a company. Unfortunately, the national average of listed businesses that fail to sell is 50%. Checking the success rate of a business broker is thus very important before hiring. You also want to know how long, on average, it takes for the broker to sell businesses that are listed with them.

What will happen to the employees after the sale?

You don’t want to abandon your employees after sale, do you? While most buyers will want to keep your employees so as not to interrupt the flow of business, some may want to let go of all your employees. If you don’t want your employees to be let go, you will have to find a buyer that is interested in keeping your business alive and one that will not fire all your employees. This can be negotiated in the sale terms.

The above are very important questions you must think about before getting your business listed. Liaising with an experienced business broker for distribution companies in San Diego will help you know the best route to take. Refrain from making all the decision on your own.

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