Are you the owner of a distribution company and need help selling it? If you do, the first person you should speak to is a reputable business broker for distributors Orange County relies on. This is an expert involved in the sale of businesses like yours. Brokers know what buyers will be looking for in a business like yours. They also know how to entice buyers to buy your business. However, a business broker is not the only professional you should speak to. In this post, we will be looking at the other professionals you should have on your team. They include the following.


While a business broker for distributors Orange County recommends will be able to help you perform a comprehensive business valuation, you will still require the services of an accountant. The main reason for bringing in an accountant is for tax purposes. You want the sale to be as tax-friendly as possible when selling your business. Your accountant is in the best position to help with this.

Second, your accountant is there to verify all the figures. As you may already know, the buyer and his team will perform a thorough review of your financial package. You want to make sure that all the figures and facts are correct. An accountant will confirm the correctness of the figures and explain them to potential buyers.

Business attorney

Another professional you will need is an experienced business attorney. Find an attorney familiar with the sale of distribution businesses like yours. This might not be the business attorney you have been working with for years. You need someone with an intricate knowledge of labor law, business law, and tax law.

Estate attorney

After selling your distribution business, the liquidity and allocations of your assets will change your portfolio significantly. Therefore, it is good to ensure your trusts and wills reflect your desires accurately. This is where an estate attorney comes in.

Financial planner

What you end up doing with the proceeds from the sale of your business is a highly complex matter. There are so many ways you can invest your money. If you are not careful, the options may overwhelm you to the extent of forcing you to misuse your proceeds. A financial planner will ensure this never happens.

It can be hard finding all these professionals to help with the sale. The good news is some business brokerage firms make it easy for you to find these professionals. It is not uncommon to find a broker who employees these professionals in-house or helps you find them. Such brokers will benefit you by offering one point of contact.

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