The main challenge almost every business broker for molding companies San Diego faces is convincing a business owner what their business is really worth. In most cases, business owners believe their businesses are worth more than what is reported. While emotions can easily cloud your judgement more so when it comes to something you have developed all your life, when you are serious about selling, you have to be realistic. Putting yourself in the shoes of the buyer is the first step to understanding the real value of your business. In this post, we will be looking at the three types of value.

Intrinsic value

An external business valuation serves to help understand the intrinsic value of a company. This is then used as a negotiation tool in order to reach a higher range. Keep in mind we are saying a ‘value range’. This is because while it is possible to estimate the value of a business, it is absurd to think that you can get to the exact amount that a business is worth. A business broker for molding companies San Diego will speak about value ranges. Buyers try to acquire a business for its intrinsic value depending on how it is being managed. The buyer will be the one to increase the value of the business by improving its management.

Market value

After finding the right buyer, your business broker will recommend adding market value to the intrinsic value. The market value refers to the value of a business according to the stock market. This is the price your business would get in the marketplace. Market value is usually equal to market capitalization.

Buyers usually reinforce the competitive strengths by creating synergies with the acquired company. The synergies help you get a bigger margin when you merge. Once you identify the buyer for your business, it is important that you calculate synergies. You should know how much the company is worth for the buyer. Proper negotiations will help capture more value.

Emotional value

This is the value a business owner feels their business is worth. The problem, however, is it doesn’t matter how valuable you think your business is worth it. What matters is what you are able to prove. The emotional value will mostly be tossed out the window.

The True Value

To determine the true value of your business, a business broker for molding companies in San Diego will value your business based on its profitability and risk. Buyers will always choose investments that offer more profits. Always go for a buyer with more liquidity. It is also good to note that price is a result of the sale process. A good presentation of your company can help maximize the price.

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