A business valuation may be done or requested by a business broker Jacumba to determine how much a business is worth. This is mostly done when a business owner wants to sell their business. A good valuation is done by a professional and it needs planning and a lot of preparation. There are a number of factors that are considered when conducting a business appraisal. They include the following.

Earning history

When determining the value of a business, one of the key factors considered is the income of the business. When appraising the value of a company, business brokers Jacumba or valuation experts focus more on the historical trends of the business’ income. For example, increasing gross income over the last 5 years means the business has been doing well. As a result, this will have a positive impact on the valuation. A downward trend in earnings, on the other hand, will serve to devalue the business.


Just like with real estate, location plays a very significant role in the value of a business. The location of your business will be a major factor in its overall market value. Having a fantastic business model and an innovative idea will not mean much if the location of your business offers little potential for growth or success. On the other hand, if your business has not been too successful but it is in a prime location, its location will have a significant positive impact on its value.

Staff and Management

Buyers want to know the kinds of employees they will be inheriting. Nobody wants to have to hire and train new employees after spending a fortune acquiring a business. That is why having a skilled staff as well as a reliable management team will have a significant impact on the value of your company. If you lack a good team, your business broker Jacumba may recommend that you rebuild your team before getting your business listed.


The reputation of your company and its goodwill is very valuable. While it is relatively hard to place a number value on intangible assets like goodwill, intangible assets are very important. Having an overwhelming positive reputation can boost the value of your business significantly. A negative reputation will be detrimental. Buyers are less interested in businesses that have a bad reputation. This is because a lot of time and money will have to be spent rebuilding the reputation of the business.


Last but not least, if your business is doing very well but only has a handful of clients, this will have a negative impact on its value. If one major client leaves, your business will take a hit. As a result, buyers are more interested in businesses that have a diverse client base. The same goes for product and market concentration. If you only sell one product or your products only appeal to a specific market segment, this will not be considered valuable. Valuable companies sell diverse products and appeal to a diverse market.

These are the main factors that affect a business valuation. Your business brokers Jacumba will be happy to guide you through the valuation process and give you pointers to make your business more attractive to buyers.

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