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will speed up the process of selling a business while at the same time cushion you from the stress that comes with the transaction. However, before you choose a business broker, you have to remember that your experience during and after the sale will depend on his competence. So-Cal Business Brokers are the best professionals you can bring on board and here is why.

Represents sellers, not buyers

Most brokers are jerks of all trade. They engage in the sale of real estate and double up in the sale and purchase of businesses. Such a broker can mislead you.

So-Cal Business Brokers has more than 20 years of experience in selling businesses. Their business broker Orange County will give you undivided attention to help avoid mistakes and maximize the transaction. You will be able to understand the transaction, the sales process and also know over 90% of the interested buyers. The team has a success rate of 90+%. These are things you will not get with any other business broker.

Focus is in Southern California

An out of State business broker will not be familiar with all matters business sale in Southern California. He may also not be licensed to conduct business in the state.

So-Cal Business Brokers has always focused on Southern California. Emphasis is on Orange County and San Diego County. If you want to sell your business in Southern California, then this is the best team you can turn to. You will get a business broker Orange County that understands your business, State laws and one that has connections to get you the best buyers and fast.

Free Business Valuation

Working with a business valuation professional is good but the only person that can give you an accurate selling price is a business broker in Orange County. He is actively involved in the sale of businesses.

While most valuation experts will charge you for the service, So-Cal Business Brokers offer free business valuations. You don’t need to worry about valuation fees as well as front end fees, costs and retainers. So-Cal Business provides a fair market valuation without incurring you any cost or obligation. You only pay a Success Fee which is paid only when the transaction closes. With such a payment plan, you can be guaranteed of getting the best services since the business broker Orange County only gets paid when you get paid.

Wide range of businesses covered

So-Cal Business Brokers serves businesses in manufacturing, distribution, service, ecommerce and Hi-tech. Whether you are involved in dental practices or an investment advisory firm, spa or anything in between, you can contact So-Cal Business for the best business broker in Orange County.

Multiple Channel Marketing

Extensive marketing and fast closing is yet another reason why business owners choose So-Cal Business Brokers. Your business broker Orange County will combine a number of marketing channels to help you find the best buyer. Common channels used include targeted searches, business buyer data bases, blind advertising, and liaising with industry consultants. Contact So-Cal Business Brokers today for a successful business sale.

Business Broker Orange County