Business brokers in Orange County will help you through the process of exiting your business when the time is right. The term exit strategy basically refers to the succession planning and the legal and financial aspects of the transition. These aspects are addressed by taking care of the skeleton upon which your business operates. There are many stages that your business has gone through from the time it relied on you for everything to the time when you have a team that it relies on. Preparing to sell it will still involve a number of stages.


When you want to sell your business, the first thing any good business broker in Orange County will recommend you to do is to cut the direct dependence of the business to you. This is because if you have to be there for the business to operate, no buyer will want to consider it since it will fail as soon as you leave. Your business should be able to run smoothly without you. You need to consider hiring a professional or a team that you can train on how to run the business without you.

In this step, you need to document all the business processes, quality standards and policies. You have to show that your team has received the training needed to run the business in your absence. If your business can run without you being there, then it is almost ready for you to sell it.


The adolescence stage is where your team has the knowledge and the capabilities needed to run your business independently. At this stage, you should focus on working on the weaknesses of your team. If there is a lot of busy-ness but only little work being done, you have reached the adolescence stage. Your focus should now shift to instilling direction, confidence, values as well as useful parameters. Always resist the temptation to take control. You have to prove to both your business brokers in Orange County and potential buyers that the business can run without your involvement.

Stepping out

Once you are sure that the business can run without you, it is time to come up with an exit strategy. You must never come to this step until you have complete confidence in your team. There are so many resources you can use to plan your exit strategy. An experienced business broker in Orange County will also guide you through the exit.

The three are the main stages that a business has to move through before it is ready to be transferred to a new owner. The business will move through the stages as fast as you are enabling and empowering it. The better your leadership skills are, the faster the process will go.

One of the most important things you have to do when selling a business is to get professional help. You need the help of business brokers in Orange County to manage your expectations and to help you know what needs to be done to achieve the goals you desire.

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