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Ultimate Guide for Choosing a Business Broker

When you want to sell my business Camp Pendleton you must always start by hiring an experienced business broker. The right business broker will guide you through the sale and ensure that you sell fast, to the right buyer and for the best price. But how do you ensure that you have hired the right broker. While we have the best business brokers at So-Cal Business Brokers, we always love to share crucial tips that help pick the best professional for the job. Here are our top tips when choosing a broker.

Area of specialty

You must always consider the area of specialty of a broker before hiring. Business brokerage firms have different specialties. For example, at So-Cal Business Brokers we focus in the sale of businesses and not the purchase. There are other firms that focus in the buying of businesses and others that do both. Our firm focuses on the purchase so that we can give you the best support as you sell. It is also good to note that we specialize in the sale of manufacturing, service, distribution and internet businesses. We don’t handle motels, restaurants, startups, and retail stores. Give us a call to learn more.

Sizes of businesses they sell

The size of your business matters when hiring a business broker. When you want to sell my business Camp Pendleton you must only hire a broker that has sold businesses that are similar to yours. Some brokerage firms focus on businesses that are worth a couple thousand dollars while others only sell ones worth millions. At So-Cal Business Brokers we work with businesses valued between $500,000 and $10,000. We are better equipped to handle such sales.

Customer service

You want to work with a business broker in San Diego that you feel comfortable with. This is only possible if the broker offers superior customer service. We set the standards for customer service. Our business has been representing sellers for more than 20 years. We are committed to making you feel comfortable as you sell my business Camp Pendleton with us. Take advantage of our free consultation for a feel of our customer service.

Service Fees

You must never ignore the cost of working with a business broker. Remember that any amount you give to the business broker will bite into your profits once the sale is concluded. There are also firms that require you to pay a down payment. At So-Cal Business Brokers we don’t charge upfront fees. We also don’t charge for business valuation, packaging, industry reviews and other expenses. Our only compensation is the success fee that is paid at the closing of the transaction.

We want to help you sell fast and for the best price. Give us a call now and let’s discuss how we can help you. We are always happy to hear from you.

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