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How to Select a Great Transaction Attorney

When you want to sell my business Carson, a business broker is not the only professional you will have to hire. You will also need to find a reliable accountant and a great transactional attorney. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have brought together the team you need for the sale. When you hire us, you will have access not just to the best business brokers in Los Angeles but also to the most experienced transaction attorneys and accountants among other professionals. We are a one-stop shop for everything you need to sell a business. However, if you still want to hire an independent attorney, here is what we recommend.

It is not easy to sell my business Carson. There are way too many things to be done and too many challenges to be overcome. Hiring an attorney can help alleviate the situational stress and enjoy the expertise of a professional. Your transactional attorney will be able to do the following:

  • Corporate formality support. Our in-house attorneys will help confirm that all documentation is up to date, properly filed and integrated in the transaction according to the law.
  • Contract drafting and negotiation. Our attorneys will help structure, negotiate and document all the terms of the sale.
  • Financial support. We pay special attention to the terms and structure of the financial aspect of the sale.
  • Help with the pre-closing and closing activities. Our attorneys will ensure all the documents are signed including the ancillary documents and also ensure money exchanges hands the right way before closing.

Hiring a transaction attorney is easier said than done. To help you make the best choice, we encourage that you ask the following questions.

Do you have direct experience supporting the sale of businesses?

You want to work with an attorney that has experience supporting the sale of businesses. If his answer is no, you need to look elsewhere. The experience that an attorney has in the sale of business is the key to a positive and smooth transaction. Our attorneys have lots of experience selling businesses of all sizes and across industries. We now what fair contract terms are ideal for your type of transaction.

What is your approach to deal making and negotiating?

This will affect how your sale turns out. It helps you understand how your attorney thinks and how he chooses between risk and reward. You want an attorney who approaches the deal the way you would. This will guarantee that the attorney will negotiate with your best interest in mind.

What is your fee structure?

Fee structures can make or break the deal. Pick an attorney that uses a fee structure you can comfortably work with. The options include:

  • Hourly or per diem rate
  • Flat fee
  • Monthly retainer
  • Continent fee
  • Value billing

Another thing we at So-Cal Business Brokers recommend you do is check the attorney’s references. If you are interested in reviewing our references or seeing how our attorneys can help sell my business Carson, book a free consultation today. We will discuss our attorney selection process in more detail.

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