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Top 4 mental shifts for networking

Top 4 Mental Shifts for Networking 1)      Focus on what you can provide, not what you can take away.  The conversations shouldn’t be all about you and your product or service and why you are a disruptor in your industry. Focus on the people you are meeting. Your networking group probably gets sales calls all the […]

Should I tell a buyer the negatives about my business?

Yes! As a seller, you should disclose all material information to a buyer, especially if it is a negative. In fact, you are better off disclosing those facts upfront rather than hiding them until a buyer directly asks about them.  In discussing negative material information about a business we are not referring to things such […]

WorkWear Business Closed

So-Cal Business Brokers recently closed the sale of a workwear wholesale business in Riverside County. We were able to create a successful marketing plan to identify and contact prospective buyers from across the country bringing multiple offers on the business. The winning offer was from an out of state buyer that was contacted through our […]

Why should I buy a business when I can start one?

The concept of starting a business is fairly straightforward; create a product or service and sell it to you customers. In reality, there is much more nuance navigating how to structure your business, finding reliable vendors, leasing or buying equipment and property, buying raw materials and most importantly, connecting with, and making a sale to, […]


Sorry — there simply is not a ‘magic formula’ or ‘magic multiple’ used in valuing businesses. The reason that ‘one size fits all’ does not apply is that valuations vary industry by industry, geographic region by region, by size of the business, the type of business, from buyer to buyer and by a buyer’s perceptions […]

Types/Sizes of Businesses

We feel that it is very important for the business broker and the client to be a ‘good fit’ and thus we state our criteria. BUSINESSES THAT WE DON’T ACCEPT: Restaurants, hotels, gaming sites, marijuana dispensaries, single retail stores, taverns, startups, turnarounds and companies looking for financing. CLIENTS WE DO ACCEPT: Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Hi-tech […]

Finding Buyers

The resources or strategies that are used on behalf of a given client will vary by their size, industry, location and other unique characteristics. Listed below is a ‘broad brush’ of those resources and strategies. Buyer Data Bases: We receive numerous inquiries from individuals looking to buy a business and that continuously updated file averages […]