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Tax and Legal Issues

‘After tax dollars’ are far more important than ‘the price’ and thus how intelligently and creatively a transaction is structured for tax purposes is of major importance. The intelligent and creative aspect is to understand that BOTH the buyer and seller want good tax structuring and in many, if not most, situations it is possible […]

Best Possible Transaction

There are 7 major elements involved in The Best Possible Transaction — it is a transaction that: Maximizes the Purchase Price — certainly an important point. Minimizes tax obligations — far more important than most people realize. Maximizes cash paid and minimizes or avoids ‘seller financing’ Has strong legal documents to minimize the risks of […]


Sorry — there simply is not a ‘magic formula’ or ‘magic multiple’ used in valuing businesses. The reason that ‘one size fits all’ does not apply is that valuations vary industry by industry, geographic region by region, by size of the business, the type of business, from buyer to buyer and by a buyer’s perceptions […]

Types/Sizes of Businesses

We feel that it is very important for the business broker and the client to be a ‘good fit’ and thus we state our criteria. BUSINESSES THAT WE DON’T ACCEPT: Restaurants, hotels, gaming sites, marijuana dispensaries, single retail stores, taverns, startups, turnarounds and companies looking for financing. CLIENTS WE DO ACCEPT: Manufacturing, Distribution, Service, Hi-tech […]

Finding Buyers

The resources or strategies that are used on behalf of a given client will vary by their size, industry, location and other unique characteristics. Listed below is a ‘broad brush’ of those resources and strategies. Buyer Data Bases: We receive numerous inquiries from individuals looking to buy a business and that continuously updated file averages […]