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Why You Should Not Let a Real Estate Agent Sell Your Business

Hiring a business broker Cerritos often doesn’t make sense for people selling a business for the first time. Some go to the extent of retaining a real estate agent to help with the sale. While it might make sense to sell on your own or hire the person who sold your home to sell your business, it will in the long run not be a good idea. You wouldn’t hire a car salesman to sell your business, would you? At So-Cal Business Brokers we are focused in the sale of businesses. We sell businesses of all sizes. To help with the sale of commercial properties, we work with in-house real estate agents who know more about the sale of property. But why should you not let a realtor sell your business?

The one thing a real estate agent and a business broker Cerritos have in common is that they both are licensed real estate agents. This is, however, the beginning and the end of their overlap. The main difference between a real estate agent and a business broker is their specialization. Real estate agents specialize in the sale and purchase of properties while business brokers specialize in the sale and purchase of businesses. There are two main reasons why you should not hire a real estate agent to sell your business.

Experience and training

Even though our in-house business brokers in Los Angeles are licensed real estate agents, they have spent a lot of time being trained and working through continuing education so that they have everything needed to successfully sell a business. The skill sets of our business brokers are completely different from those of real estate agents. As business brokers we understand how to effectively market and present a business for sale. We also understand the real reason for keeping full confidentiality throughout the sale of a business. We have also honed our skills in the complexities of negotiating and accounting. What is more is that our marketing channels are different from the ones used by real estate agents.

Memberships are different

Another key difference between business brokers Cerritos and real estate agents is that brokers hold memberships with organizations that are completely separate from the real estate industry.

The main reason you should not let a real estate agent sell your business is because real estate agents and business brokers are in two separate lines of work and service. For complete coverage as you sell your business, hire one of our experienced business brokers. We know what it takes to sell fast and at maximum profit. Schedule a free consultation with us today.

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