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Due Diligence Questions and How You Should Answer Them

When you want to sell my business Cerritos, our job is not just to help you get it ready and sell fast. At So-Cal Business Brokers are committed to helping you make the best decisions. We achieve this by educating you on the process and help you know when the best deal is on the table. The due diligence stage is the most confusing for most business owners. This is why we have compiled a list of questions often asked by buyers and given you the ideal answers for each.

How do I know if the sales volumes presented are accurate?

This is an unavoidable question when selling your business. Buyers will want to confirm every detail you provide to them. When you want to sell my business Cerritos, the best answer to this question is that you will grant access to the company’s bank statements so that the buyer can verify the deposits are in line with the provided sales reports.

How do I know if the earnings are accurate?

The best way to confirm your business’ earnings to the potential buyer is to provide the company’s tax returns. This helps the buyer see the sales and profits that were reported in the company’s profit and loss statements. The buyer will want to make sure that the earnings are in line with what was reported to the IRS. If yours is a retail-based business, you can provide state sales tax returns that match the sales volume that you presented to the buyer.

Are the leases transferrable?

Our business broker in Los Angeles will help negotiate the lease terms with the landlord. This is done to ensure the lease is transferrable. Thereafter we will present the buyer with the current lease documents. We also see to it that the buyer makes an offer that they will either assume the current lease or negotiate the new lease with more satisfactory terms.

What fixtures, furnishings and equipment are included in the sale?

We will help draft an offer that specifies all the items that will be sold. Often times, this include all the items that are being used with the operation of the business. We will ensure that any exceptions will already have been noted in the acceptance of the offer to the buyer. The due diligence period is the best time to exclude certain items from the deal. A written agreement should be written detailing the exclusions.

With us, every buyer that gets to you will already have been prescreened. We ensure that the buyer is serious about buying the business, he has the means to finance the deal and his objectives align with yours. Our brokers will also give insight into the renegotiation process should that be necessary to complete the transaction. Schedule a free consultation with us now to learn more.

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