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Things that Affect the Value of a Wholesale Business

In commercial business sales Claremont, the first thing you must always do is understand the things that affect the value of your business. It is only by identifying these things that you will be able to focus on what improves the worth of your business. If you want to sell a wholesale business, So-Cal Business Brokers can help. We have sold many wholesale businesses in the past and we will be able to get you the best price for it.

One thing we have come to learn is that wholesale businesses are particularly attractive to buyers. This is because the wholesale business is basically a ‘middleman’ business. Wholesalers don’t make the products and don’t deliver the products to the consumer. But how can you add value to such a business? The first thing we will do in commercial business sales Claremont is to ensure your business has excellent execution of roles, availability when needed and has a strong and lasting relationship with customers. Here are the most important factors that affect the value of wholesale businesses.


Businesses that have exclusivity in products or manufacturing are more attractive to buyers. The exclusivity can be in the form of market segment or exclusive geographic territory. The first thing our business brokers in LA will do is help you identify your exclusivity or show you how to get one.

Range of products

If your wholesale business concentrates on just a few products it will not be as attractive to buyers. The reason for this is because such a business is very vulnerable to market changes. Having too many products, on the other hand, will increase costs and investment. Our job once you hire us is to make sure you have an attractive range of products. We can also help you diversify so that you have multiple income streams.

Number of manufacturers represented

Just like with the range of products, you also need to strike a perfect balance for the number of manufacturers you represent. Having few manufacturers will increase the risk whereas having too many of them will cause service problems.

Proprietary systems

If your wholesale business uses proprietary systems it will stand out from the other businesses for sale that buyers consider. A good example of a proprietary system is automatic replenishment systems which generate sales based on historic data.

Experienced staff

Your team will also determine how attractive your wholesale business is. The buyer will want to know if the employees will stay on board after sale or not. He will also want to review the qualifications of your team. We can help document the skills and capacities of your team and also build for you a great management team.  

Are you getting ready to sell your wholesale business? So-Cal Business Brokers can help with the commercial business sales Claremont. Schedule a free consultation with us to talk with one of our experienced business brokers in Los Angeles.

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