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Steps to Help Sell Your Business in 2019

Hiring a business broker Commerce is obviously the first thing you need to do when getting ready to sell. The good news is that at So-Cal Business Brokers we have the most experienced and highly trained business brokers in Los Angeles. What is more is that you will have access to a team of accountants, financial advisors, transaction attorneys and other professionals to help sell fast and at maximum profit. Regardless of whether you will be selling with us or on your own, here are vital steps you need to take when selling a business.

Know the worth of the business

To price the business right, you need first to know how much it is really worth. Our business brokers Commerce will perform a thorough business valuation to help determine exactly how much your business is worth. We further consider the prevailing market climate to help set an accurate asking price. With our support, you will be able to enjoy several multiples of profit depending on the size of your business. The smaller deals usually average 2 to 3 times profit whereas the medium deals enjoy 3 to 5 times profit. Most of the large deals we handle average 5 to 10 times profit.

Get your financials ready

You need to gather and clean your financial records before you list your business. You have to involve an accountant in this stage. The good news is that we have some of the best accountants you can find in Los Angeles. Our accountants understand that good financial records alone will not be enough to win the trust of an investor. That is why we prepare adjacent profit and loss statements to present to buyers.

Develop an executive summary

Buyers will want to learn more about your business when they contact you. This is where the need for an executive summary comes in. This is the document that outlines what your business is, its financials as well as answers the frequently asked questions. Our in-house team will help develop an attractive executive summary that wins the heart of the right buyers.

Market the business

You will obviously not be able to sell your business until you market it. Listing the business is the only way you will be able to find potential buyers. At So-Cal Business Brokers we don’t just list your business and leave it at that. We take time to follow up and ensure that the blind ad we use is getting the attention it deserves. We also rely on multiple marketing channels to give your business maximum exposure. What is more is that we will field offers from potential buyers and prescreen buyers before letting them in.

Due diligence

One of the primary duties of our business broker Commerce is to make plans for due diligence. We help buyers verify the financials of your business as well as validate what they are paying for. We will maintain confidentiality throughout the sale.

Are you ready to sell your business? So-Cal Business Brokers has the best team. We will help you sell fast and at maximum profit. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with our experienced business brokers in Los Angeles.

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