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Reasons to Work with Our Business Brokers

When it is time to sell, most business owners are torn between selling on their own and working with a business broker Covina. If you have no prior experience selling a business or if you need a smooth sale process, working with a business broker is the way to go. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have some of the best brokers in the business. Here are some of the primary services that make us the best team to work with.

Financial analysis and valuation

Business valuation is one of the primary services we offer. We will produce an effective financial analysis of your business that shows an accurate and attractive of your business’ earnings. Our business brokers Covina will also work with your accountants to come up with an accurate cash flow analysis that demonstrates the true profitability of your firm. We also produce materials that prove to potential buyers the real cash flow of your company.

Provide value opinion

So-Cal Business Brokers uses the financial analysis to help set the best selling price for your business. We set a price that is not too high that it scares buyers away and one that draws serious buyers in while guaranteeing you get maximum profit. We give you a broker opinion of value free of charge.

Locate qualified buyers

Helping you find qualified buyers is what we do best. We help you find buyers whose interests align with yours. We will only introduce you to buyers who have the desire, experience, and money to get the deal done. To do this we advertise your business continuously on multiple channels. We will also reach out to buyers in our contacts and make them aware of the opportunity. Our success in finding buyers is attributed to our ability to produce effective marketing materials. We package your business in a manner that gets results.

Maintain confidentiality

When working with our business broker Covina, you can be guaranteed of the sale remaining a secret until the transaction is done. We achieve this by prescreening buyers and requiring buyers to sign a Non-disclosure agreement as well as a buyer registration form before going ahead. We dig deeper into a buyer to determine if he/she is a good fit then present their profile to you for approval. we also promote the business to the buying public in a  discreet and confidential manner while at the same time acting as a buffer between you and the buyer.

Help with negotiation

At So-Cal Business Brokers we understand that negotiations can be quite heated. He have lots of experience in negotiations and we will ensure you get the best end of the deal.

Our services are tailored to help you focus on the running of your business as we handle the sale part. We will do everything for you right from assisting buyers obtain financials to drafting agreements and managing the due diligence process. Take advantage of our years of brokerage experience today. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation consultation with our business brokers.

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