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Which Type of Business Ownership is Best

Clients interested in commercial business sales Dana Point often tell us about the type of ownership they would want. After all, with so many types of businesses available, it makes sense that there are various types of business ownerships available. Based on their interests, our business brokers in Orange County are able to advise them accordingly. We always encourage our clients to consider the type of business owner they would want to be before deciding on a business to buy. Here are the four main types of business ownerships we recommend.

The majority of clients who come to us are only familiar with this type of business ownership. With the involved type of ownership, a lot of commitment is needed from the owner. You will have to manage every day activities of your company, make planning decisions and have oversight over everything that happens within the company. In commercial business sales Dana Point, we recommend this type of ownership for people who need a full time job and full control of their business. If you wish to hire and manage all the employees, develop schedules and push your business forward, this is the type of business ownership you need.

This type of business ownership is more like buying the shares of a company. There is very little involvement. This is an option for anyone who wants to own a business but don’t want to be directly involved with it. A good example is a storage company where employees are required to acquire and setup new clients without the involvement of the business owner.

This is the middle ground between absentee and involved business ownership. It requires some level of involvement but it is more like a part time job. Retail stores are a great choice for anyone interested in semi-absentee ownership. With a retail store, employees will complete the bulk of daily work and the owner will only be involved with scheduling, ordering, billing and payroll. If this is the type of business ownership that you want, we have several options for you.

Hiring management
After buying a business, you can hire a manager to run the business on your behalf. The manager can take some or all of your ownership responsibilities. The drawback hire is that paying the manager will bite into your profits and finding the specific expertise that you need can be hard.

Whatever your business ownership preferences are, So-Cal Business Brokers can help find the business that best fits your goals. To learn more about the types of ownership or to find a business to buy, schedule a free consultation with us today. We are always happy to hear from. 

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