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Questions You Have to Answer When Selling Your Business

Even with the support of an experienced business broker Del Dios, when selling your business you will face a barrage of questions. How well you answer most of these questions will determine if you will win the confidence of a potential buyer or lose it. Our job at So-Cal Business Brokers is to make sure you are ready for these questions and that you give the best answers. Here are the questions you should be prepared for.

Why are you selling the business?

This is the first question you will get even from us. As we get ready to take over, we want to make sure you are serious about selling. This is for the simple fact that if you pull out from the sale we will not get paid. If you are serious about selling, our business brokers Del Dios will evaluate your reason for selling and reframe it so that it doesn’t scare off buyers.

What is the cost per new customer acquired?

Financial buyers are more interested in how profitable your business is. If you plan on selling to them then you must be ready to answer this question. With this question, the acquirer wants to know if you have predictable, economical and scalable formula for finding new customers.

What is your market penetration rate?

Buyers will want to know how big your potential market is for your products / services. The answer you give should not only win the confidence of a buyer but also show that there are still more opportunities.

Who are the critical members of the team?

Our business brokers Del Dios will help restructure your management team. In addition to that we will help answer this question in a way that lets buyers know that you have a great team in place. We will do our best to help retain your whole team after the sale.

Who buys your products / services?

When dealing with strategic buyers you will have to deal with this question. They ask this question to find possible synergies between their products and yours. We can help frame the answer in a way that wins the trust of strategic buyers, where possible.

What makes your business unique?

This is yet another very important question you will have to answer. Following a business valuation, our business broker Del Dios will be able to identify the things that make your business truly unique. We will use this information to win over potential buyers.

Our primary duty is to help you sell your business fast and to the right buyers. We have the experience and resources you need to close fast. Contact us today to take advantage of our free consultation.

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