Distribution Business Broker – Worst Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Distribution Business

Selling any business is rarely easy and that is why the first thing you should do is bring in an experienced distribution business broker. So-Cal Business Brokers works with the most competent team of brokers who are fully committed to helping you sell fast and for the right price. Our team is further made up of accountants, financial advisors and transaction attorneys. This guarantees you never have to juggle professionals from multiple firms to complete the sale. However, for you to sell fast and for the right price, there are certain mistakes you need to avoid.

Insufficient preparation

It will be incredibly hard to get a fair price if you don’t take the time to get your business ready for sale. Your business will benefit a lot from a little TLC and cleanup prior to listing. A business valuation from our distribution business brokers will reveal your business’ strengths and weaknesses. It is good to fix your weaknesses before selling. Here are some common areas you should include when fixing your business:

  • Questionable or excessive tax deductions
  • Threatening or pending litigation
  • Organization of your books and records
  • Not having the right staff

You will not be able to fix everything at once. Our job is to help fix the most important areas. We know what buyers are looking for.

Unwillingness to hire a professional

Selling a distribution business is a lot of work. The decisions made also have to be calculated in order to avoid mistakes. It is very easy for you to be overwhelmed when selling on your own. That is why you should bring in the right professionals to help. Our team will take over the sale so that you can focus on the core operations of your business while we handle the sale.

Misrepresenting something about the business to buyers

In order for you to sell your business you must win the confidence of buyers. This will not be possible if you misrepresent something about the company. If a buyer finds out he will either walk away or dig deeper to uncover more. Our top priority when selling your distribution business is transparency. We ensure you never get to deal with legal issues after the sale simply because you hid something from the buyer.

At So-Cal Business Brokers we take great pride in being the go-to company for business owners who want to sell their businesses. We have the best team of business brokers in the business. Fill the form on the right to book a free appointment with our experienced distribution business brokers.

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