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Are There Any Disadvantages of Working with a Business Broker?

Prior to hiring a business broker Downey most people simply focus on the pros but have you looked at the drawbacks. Even though the merits of working with a business broker outweigh the demerits, it is also a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with the demerits. At So-Cal Business Brokers we believe we are the best team you can hire to sell your business. In addition to guaranteeing you myriad benefits when working with us, there are a few drawbacks we hear our clients talk about. But are they really disadvantages? Be the judge.

You pay a service fee

When selling a business you definitely want to make maximum profit. This may not be too realistic especially when you have to hire a team that you pay a percentage of the selling price to. This is the main drawback most business owners point to when they don’t want to work with business brokers Downey. The truth is this fee is worth every coin.

For starters, when working with So-Cal Business Brokers you only pay us the agreed commission only when we sell your business. This means you never have to pay us if you don’t sell. What is more is that we have the team and resources in place to help you sell fast. Selling on your own can help avoid the commission but you will spend a lot more establishing your own team and resources. All things considered, it is cheaper to sell through a business broker than on your own.

Lack of control

This is a real problem for people who love to be in control. The reason for this is when you hire us we will take over the sale. This means we will market the business far and wide and also prequalify the buyers for you. This might make you feel like you have no control. The truth is we never make any major decisions without your input. We are your representative. We will pick the buyer whose interests align with yours and inform you of the best deal and give you room to accept or reject it. When you come to think about it you will always be in control. The only difference is that we will be tackling the hard part of the sale.

You commit to a contract

To give us the go ahead we require you to sign a contract. This is meant to stipulate the terms of our relationship. The best thing about working with So-Cal Business Brokers is that you can negotiate the terms in our contract. We are very flexible and we ensure you are comfortable with the terms.

As you can see, the drawbacks most people use as an excuse to not work with a business broker Downey are really not drawbacks. Give us a call today to learn more about our services. We are always happy to hear from you.

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