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Things that Impact the Value of a Business

When you want to sell my business Duarte the first thing you ought to do is know the exact value of your business. It is only with this information in hand that you will be able to set the best selling price. So-Cal Business Brokers will help with this by offering a thorough business valuation report and also considering the market trends to help set the best selling price. In our experience, there are a couple of things that we have found affects the overall value of a business. Understanding these things will help you better prepare for the sale.


Just like with real estate, business buyers will consider the location of your business. Is it in a rural, suburban or in a city? How high are the rent and office taxes? Buyers will also want to see if your business is located in an area that has a steady inflow of customers. If it is possible, when you want to sell my business Duarte we may advise that you relocate. This is if you still have several years, at least three years, before selling.

Type of business

Different types of businesses have different social standings. For example, it will be more difficult to sell a successful pawn shop than it would be to sell a coffee shop. This is mostly because most buyers would rather invest in a business they can see themselves running. Our business brokers in Los Angeles will be forward with you. If it will take longer to sell your type of business we will let you know.

Diverse client base

Businesses that rely on a handful of customers are harder to sell. This is due to the fact that if some of the customers leave, the business will take a hit. When you contact us when you want to sell my business Duarte, the first thing we will do is trying to diversify your client base. We do this by identify opportunities for your business. We will also help you get recurring income.

Our job at So-Cal Business Brokers is not just to be your representative as you sell your business but also to be your confidant. We ensure you have all the information in hand so that you can make the most educated decisions. Our team will also help you market far and wide and prescreen buyers. We also help with financing so as to speed up the sale. Give us a call today and take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation.

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