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What Makes Buying a Business Better Than Starting One?

Commercial business sales Encinitas have been made popular by the fact that buying an existing business is much better than starting one from the ground up. This is more so when you consider the statistics. In 5 years, almost 60% of startup businesses fail. The failure rates of startups is the main reason why buying is better than starting a business. In our experience, here are the benefits we link to buying a business over starting one.

Established concept
One of the main reasons why people opt for commercial business sales Encinitas is because the benefits of buying an established business are very big. For starters, buying an established business means you will be leveraging on an established and proven concept that works. This is very important when you consider that you cannot find a concept that says with full confidence that it will definitely work in the target market and generate good revenue. When you come to us, the first thing we do is to understand your goals. What kind of business are you looking for? We will then find the exact match for you.

Proven cash flow
Another undeniable benefit is that an established business has established cash flow. Having been in operation for several years means it has established customers in place. This is not something you will find with startups. Startups start from zero which means they have to find their own customers. Finding your own customers means you have to inject more money into your business. Are you looking for a business that you can continue running or one that allows you to implement your concept? Talk to us and we will help you find what you are looking for.

Staff in place
Hiring new staff is always a very involving process. It is never easy to find the right team. The process is lengthy and costly. This is not a problem you will need to deal with when buying an established business. The team is already in place. An established business will have employees that are familiar with the business and ones that are eager to keep working.

Established customer and vendor relationships
Last but not least, established businesses will already have the suppliers, vendors and customers in place. This is not the case with startups where you have to source vendors and set up supply chains. 

Give us a call today and let us know the type of business you are looking for in commercial business sales Encinitas. We will help find a business with a proven concept, process and customer base.

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