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How Buyers Choose a Business for an Acquisition

After you hire our business broker Fullerton, one of our main duties will be helping you make your business as attractive to potential buyers as possible. We know what buyers are looking for and helping you getting the most ticks on their checklist will help convince them to purchase your business. Educating you on what buyers are looking for is one of our jobs at So-Cal Business Brokers.

Buyers when selecting a business to buy consider their strategic vision and their ultimate goals. These two considerations are vital in guiding a buyer throughout the selection process. When qualifying a buyer, So-Cal Business Brokers will help decide on whether a buyer is interested in buying an existing business or purchasing a franchise. Identifying the kind of buyer you want is the key to setting up your business to a successful sale.

Our team will help identify the ultimate buyer based on the type of your business, the industry it is in, your cash flow and income, how involving the business is and other factors.

Identifying the right buyer is never easy. To make it easier for you, our business brokers Fullerton will recommend that you consider your goals.

  • Do you want to transfer ownership to a friend or family member?
  • Do you wish to have some involvement in the business after the sale?
  • Do you want the brand name to remain the same?
  • Do you wish to be over and done with the business?
  • Will you be offering seller financing?

Every industry has its fair share of considerations that buyers look at. Here are two examples to help with decision making.

Selling a restaurant
The top fact about restaurants is that they don’t offer the 9 to 5, Monday through Friday business. The hours are long and often crazy. You will also need to open over the holidays. Owning a restaurant also means you have to juggle lots of employees from the wait staff and hosts to the food preparation staff and cleaners. This is something that the investment advisor or business broker of the buyer will let the buyer know. When selling a restaurant, your target buyers need to be those that are looking for complete involvement in the business. Buyers whose vision is to own a business with limited employee management and short hours are not a good fit for the restaurant. Our business brokers will account for all these when qualifying a buyer.

Service based business
If your business is in the service industry, your target buyers will be those that need the least amount of involvement. Most service based businesses can be run from home or in an offsite office. If this is your type of business, you have a wider target. You can go with buyers searching for both part time and full time jobs.

Every business is different. Our business broker Fullerton will help find the right buyer for you. Give us a call today to discuss your needs with us.

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