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Steps that Lead to the Best Possible Transaction

When you want to sell my business Glendale it is imperative that you understand the steps that lead to the best results. The first step is obviously to hire the most qualified business broker in Los Angeles. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have the best team in the business. The best thing is that you only pay us a success fee. We don’t charge for business valuation, industry reviews, packaging and many other things other business brokers charge you for. What is more is that we rely on proven selling strategies that yield the best results. Here are some of the steps that help us give you the best possible transaction.

Business valuation

Long before we list your business we will perform a thorough business valuation. This is offered free of charge and is meant to help you know exactly how much your business is worth. Not knowing how much your business is worth makes good decision making virtually impossible. Following the business valuation as you sell my business Glendale enables us to set the best asking price too.

Confidentiality management

Keeping the sale a secret is paramount. That is why the next thing we do is help you manage confidentiality. With us you can count on 100% confidentiality. We believe this is mandatory and we know how to keep the sale a secret. Some of the things we do to maintain confidentiality are using blind ads, prescreening buyers, and requiring buyers to sign NDAs. Give us a call to learn more.

Tax strategy

Our team will help you understand your best tax structure for the transaction. We will also guide you so that you proceed accordingly as you get ready to sell my business Glendale.


Our business broker in Los Angeles will help create a CBR (Confidential Business Review). This is a multipage document that tells and sells your story. We don’t include a selling price in the CBR to avoid creating a ‘ceiling’.


The marketing strategy we use will depend on your type of business. After contacting us, we will create a marketing strategy with the aim of identifying the right categories and specific buyers that are most likely to buy your business for the highest price.

There are many more steps left. They range from qualifying buyers and answering their questions to tackling due diligence, opening escrow and closing the transaction. Contact us today to learn more on how we can help sell my business Glendale. We genuinely want to help you sell fast, to the right buyer and for the best price.

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