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Factors that Determine How Fast You Sell a Business

Commercial business sales Glendora call for lots of preparation. It is how well prepared you are that determines how fast you sell. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have been selling businesses for more than 20 years. We know exactly what needs to be done to achieve the results you need. Leverage on our expertise today and get to sell fast, to the right buyer and for maximum profit. Away from that, whether you plan on selling on your own or with us, there are four very important things you need to understand. These are the things that determine how fast you end up closing.

Selling price

The first is obviously the selling price. If the price is too high you will end up pushing potential buyers away. A price that is too low may also be suspicious and scare off buyers. The first thing we do when you hire us is offer a complementary business valuation. This helps you understand your business better and also enables us to set the best selling price that not only attracts more buyers but also helps you sell for maximum profit. Contact us now to learn more on how we set a selling price.

Seller financing

Buyers want to see some sort of security when considering a business to buy. Some buyers also have difficulty getting financing to acquire a business. When you offer seller financing you make your business easy to acquire. You also tell buyers you have faith in your business. Our job in commercial business sales Glendora is to help you get the best terms when offering seller financing. We will also be able to let you know if offering seller financing is a viable option for your type of business.

Condition of your financial records

In due diligence, buyers will mostly focus on your financial records. The records help the buyer learn more about your business’ history and determine if it is growing or failing. Our team will help prepare your financial records for the past three years. We know what buyers are looking for and will help you clean up your records so that they present your business in the best light.

Legal items

Last but not least you have to think about relevant legal items. If the legal structure of your business has not been set up well or if it is too complicated it can easily keep you from selling. Our team will find possible workarounds and pick the best sale option for your business.

We want to help you sell fast, to the right buyer and for the best price. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help with commercial business sales Glendora. We offer a free consultation and you only pay us a success fee.

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