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What makes it Hard to Sell a Business?

Are you ready to sell my business Hermosa Beach? If yes the first thing you definitely want to do is hire an experienced business broker. You need someone that has been selling businesses like yours for years. That way you will be guaranteed of navigating pitfalls and selling fast. That is what you get with our team at So-Cal Business Brokers. For more than 20 years we have been selling businesses in manufacturing, service, distribution and Internet. We know how to get the best results and close the deal even faster. Our team can help sell any business valued between $500,000 and $10 million. Give us a call to find out if we can help.

Now that you have found the right business broker for the job, the next step is to identify the mistakes that can keep you from selling. While some businesses sell within a year, others stay on the market for up to 4 years or even more. You need to learn why before you set out to sell my business Hermosa Beach. Here are our top reasons why some businesses never sell as fast.

Poor pricing

The first is poor pricing. How you price your business will either lure in more buyers or scare them off. When you come to us, the first thing we do is perform a complimentary business valuation. This helps us know exactly how much your business is worth. We then consider a range of factors such as the current market climate to set a fair selling price. Our price will help you sell fast and for maximum profit.

Poor timing

In real estate, location is what matters the most. When it comes to the sale of businesses timing is everything. While you need to sell when your business is at its peak, you also need to make sure that the market is ready. Our business brokers will do market research for you, package the business and list it when the time is perfect.


In our experience, business owners that are overconfident end up turning down the best offers. This delays the sale. One of our roles when you bring us onboard is to manage your expectations. We will let you know when the best deal is on the table. We encourage you to trust us if you want to see the best results.

Not offering incentives

Failing to offer incentives will make your business unattractive to buyers. This is more so if you are selling when your business is not doing too well. As you get ready to sell my business Hermosa Beach it is good to identify the incentives you can offer to attract more buyers. Seller financing and agreeing to stay on after the sale are some of the best incentives. Our business brokers can help identify other incentives you can offer.

The above list is incomplete. It will, however, help you get started in the right direction. Our job at So-Cal Business Brokers is to ensure you sell fast, to the right buyer and for the best possible price. Contact us now to take advantage of a free consultation with our experienced business brokers in Los Angeles.

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