How Our Distribution Business Broker Can Help Sell Your Business

Hiring a distribution business broker guarantees that you will have a successful sale and you will get maximum value. The right broker will eliminate the guesswork and help you find the right buyers who will pay top dollar for your business. Our primary job at So-Cal Business Brokers is to help you achieve that. We have sold many distribution businesses and we know what needs to be done to sell fast and for the best price. Take advantage of our experienced business brokers and enjoy your peace of mind.

The best thing about working with our distribution business brokers is that we have a wide network of many motivated business buyers and we know which ones to contact for your type of business. We are also able to advise you on how to maximize the value of your business and how to make it more appealing to the right buyers. Here are some of the things you can count on when working with our team.

Accurate business valuation

The majority of business brokers use textbook calculations to determine how much a business is worth. This is not the only thing we do at So-Cal Business Brokers. Our team first assesses your business to determine the best valuation method. After determining the fair market value we will consider a range of factors including the bank interest rates and the current market climate. This enables us to properly value your distribution business. We will provide you with a reliable estimate that you can eventually use as a negotiating tool with the right buyers.

Maintain confidentiality

If word about the sale gets out you may end up selling at a loss. This is more so if your employees, customers and other important parties leave due to the fear of the uncertain future. The biggest role our distribution business broker plays is that of ensuring the sale remains a secret all through. We market your business in general terms, prescreen buyers and require them to sign a non-disclosure agreement before letting them in. Not even your employees will learn about the sale until you want them to.

Get multiple buyers

The best way to sell for maximum profit is having multiple buyers. Competing bids from buyers gives you an upper hand. You will be able to sell at maximum profit when more buyers are competing to own your business. To help you achieve this we market your business on a national level using multiple channels. This brings more buyers and you get a better negotiating position when trying to sell the business to a single entity.

Contact us today to sell your distribution business. We have the most reliable team of distribution business brokers in the nation. Take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation.

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