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How We Maintain Confidentiality During the Sale of Your Business

The confidentiality of the sale is the main concern business owners have when reaching out to our business brokers Huntington Beach. As we sit down with sellers, we notice that more business owners are now familiar with the consequences of word getting out about the sale. Most new sellers are nervous about losing employees, customers, lenders and even suppliers if word gets out about the sale. Sellers are also afraid of competitors learning their trade secrets.

Our mission at So-Cal Business Brokers is to maintain utter confidentiality throughout the sale. Our team of business brokers Huntington Beach truly understands the confidentiality concern and we have a process in place to guarantee the sale is kept confidential. We understand the importance of maintaining confidentiality throughout the sale as this is the key to a successful sale and the continued success of a business.

From the first meeting between you and our broker to the closing, So-Cal Business Brokers will work hard to keep the sale a secret. Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • All meetings are kept confidential

All the meetings between a seller and our broker are kept confidential. Meetings can even be held at our offices instead of your office. This helps keep away from anyone that is associated with your business.

  • Blind ads are used in marketing

We market extensively and follow through to ensure your business gets to the best buyers. To maintain confidentiality, we use blind ads. The ads only provide brief description of your business without mentioning its name or specific location.

  • Buyers must sign an NDA

We always qualify every buyer that shows interest in your business. We make sure they have the finances to buy the business and they have good intentions. To keep word from getting out, buyers must sign a non-disclosure agreement before viewing information about your business. The NDAs are legally binding and demand that buyers hold the information shared in strict confidence.

  • Everything is moved through your business broker

All the details about the business sale will be moved through our business broker Huntington Beach. You will not be linked directly to your business by potential buyers. Using our brokers further guarantee that you get the best deal from negotiations, best terms in the contract and the closing will be handled in strict confidence.


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