Imperial Beach Commercial Business Sales

Information We Collection before Listing Your Business

In commercial business sales Imperial Beach, the first professional you need to hire is a business broker. Having been in the business for years, we understand the important role played by a business broker in a business sale transaction. Our team at So-Cal Business Brokers can take over the sale so that you focus on the core operations of your business. What is more is that we will help with pricing, marketing, negotiations, confidentiality management, managing your expectations, helping with closing and also secure financing among other things. However, for us to help you sell fast and at maximum profit, we will have to collect certain information from you.

For most business owners, the sale of a business starts to get real when the process of collecting information starts. In our experience, the information collection phase is not everyone’s favorite. This is because you have to be honest with us and provide us with all the necessary information about your business. The purpose of this in commercial business sales Imperial Beach is to help us understand your business before getting it listed for sale.

Information needed
The collection of information starts immediately after you sign a marketing agreement with So-Cal Business Brokers. Our business broker will collect information through interviews. The questions we ask help develop a pitch book, a sound marketing plan and a market price opinion for your business. We will request specific information which will include your financial documents for at least the last three years. We will need your tax documentation as well as profit & loss statements. Depending on the type of your business, we will request additional information such as your property title, lease agreement, vendor contracts and customer contracts.

How we use the information
The information we collect paired with our industry knowledge helps us create a listing for your business, attractive asking price as well as inclusive marketing materials. We base the asking price on several factors like the current state of the market and your past closing data. The main objective of collecting information from you is to come up with a fair market price that is attractive to the buyers and one that offers maximum return on your investment.

It is good to note that we will not use the information we collect without your approval. This guarantees that you are well informed as well as comfortable with our sales process. Do you need to learn more about our services? We encourage you to contact us or simply visit our website to learn more. We offer free consultations.

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