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What Happens When there is a Buyer for Your Business?

Are you ready to sell my business Industry? If yes then the first professional you need to hire is an experienced business broker in Los Angeles. At So-Cal Business Brokers we believe we have the best team for the job. Our brokers have the experience and will effectively guide you throughout the sale. Our job is to help with every stage of the sale. Here are the key things we recommend you do once you find a buyer for your business.

Prescreen buyers

One thing you will need to understand is the fact that not every buyer that contacts you has the interest, leave alone the finance, to purchase your business. Some just want to look around while most will never commit regardless of how serious they seem. Our job as you sell my business Industry is to make sure we thoroughly screen the buyer to make sure that he / she will not only commit to the purchase but he/she has the finances needed to acquire your business. Contact us now if you need help prescreening a buyer.

Request a written offer

Once a buyer is verified to be a serious one, the next thing is to ask them to submit a written offer / proposal. The offer submitted will include details of what the buyer wants to purchase, terms the buyer wants and the price they are offering. A buyer will always request a detailed review of your financial records and may ask to review your lease agreements and other pertinent details before giving an offer. To keep the deal from falling through at the worst moment, we advise you to provide only accurate and verifiable details to the buyer. 


Buyers will always want to get a better deal. What this means is that as you get ready to sell my business Industry you have to be ready for heated negotiations. The purchase offer given by the buyer will certainly not matchup to your terms. It is our job as your business broker in the City of Industry to help you get favorable terms and a better price from a buyer. Contact us now to learn more about our negotiation techniques. 

Cooperate fully

Last but not least you will have to cooperate fully with the buyer. When you are in agreement with the buyer you will work to satisfy contingencies in the offer. If you are unwilling to cooperate there is a good chance the deal will fall through. Our teams as you sell my business Industry will manage your expectations and act as the buffer between you and the buyer.

Increase chances of selling your business for maximum profit by working with us. We have the experience and resources you need to close fast and for the best price. Take advantage of our free consultation now.

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