Hiring a business broker San Diego will guarantee that you sell fast and at maximum profit. This is because the broker has experience selling businesses and knows what needs to be done to achieve desired results. All in all, before you start marketing your business for sale you need to understand what buyers are looking for. In this post we shall be taking a quick look at the primary focus of most buyers.


Some buyers will consider your business if it has the talent that they need. This is evident in recent purchases. For example Walmart bought Jet.com for its leadership which helped them compete fairly with Amazon. If your business has talented employees then buyers may consider it just for the talent. The best news is that experienced business brokers San Diego will help you determine if you have any special talent. They then stress on this when marketing your business in order to attract the right buyers. 


Another reason why buyers can consider your business is for its unique platform. Before it was acquired for $26 billion by Microsoft LinkedIn remodeled itself into an advanced, open content platform after purchasing Pulse. This is because the platform offered by Pulse made it easy for LinkedIn to transition from a strictly business social network. The same applies for your business. If you have a special platform it can help you attract buyers easily.


At times buyers are not interested in your talent or platform but simply in your technology. This is more so if you offer great technology products. In 2017 PetSmart acquired Chewy.com for a whopping $3.35 billion to make use of the ecommerce network that Chewy had. This acquisition gave PetSmart the fastest growing ecommerce website. Dell also did the same in 2016 when they bought EMC. This led to a surge in the demand for Dell servers, computers and networking equipment.

Brand reputation

The reputation of your brand can help another company penetrate a new market. How good your reputation is will hence affect the demand of your brand. What is more is that buyers want to invest in a business that has a good reputation.

There are many more reasons why buyers consider your business. Other notable reasons include your unique access to new demographic and your unique distribution model. Your business broker San Diego will help identify your business’ strengths and help focus on them when marketing your business for sale. You just need to find a broker who has experience selling your type of business.

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