While a business broker Orange County will ensure you don’t make mistakes that keep you from selling, it is your job as the business owner to transform your business into something unique that buyers will want to buy. There are quite a number of things you can do to achieve this. In this post we shall be discussing the key things you must do before listing.

Brand identity

Do you have a well recognizable name? If yes then selling your business will be much easier. A product that has a unique taste, appearance or image is a huge plus when selling a business. One of the things business brokers Orange County will recommend you do is work on your brand identity prior to listing your business. If you have had a bad reputation, your starting point must be improving your reputation.

Dominant market position

Your business doesn’t need to be a fortune 500 firm to have a dominant market position. All you need is to be a major player in your niche market. Business buyers search for major market players when searching for businesses to purchase or acquire. If selling is always your endgame, then you should pick a market niche and work hard to be a dominant player in it. It takes time and hard work to be dominant in a market so you have to start early.

Customer lists

The customer list that a business has determines how unique it is. There are so many ways of building a customer list. Most businesses focus on building their mailing lists and increasing their subscriber lists. Buyers will want to see your customer list when evaluating your business. The bigger the list is the better. Having more loyal customers will further make your business more valuable to buyers.

Intangible assets

Intangible assets are a big plus when selling a business. They include long and favorable lease, recognizable franchise name, proprietary software, impressive customer lists, effective advertising programs and so on. Your business broker Orange County will help you identify the intangible assets that you have and show you how to make proper use of them.

Other things that make a business unique include difficulty of replication of products and services, as well as proprietary technology. Working with a business broker Orange County is the key to finding selling at maximum profit and within the shortest time possible. Find an experienced and reputable business broker to work with.

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