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Should You Stick Around After Selling My Business?

When considering the option on whether to sell my business La Cañada Flintridge, it is imperative that you consider whether you should stay on or leave. At So-Cal Business Brokers we have been selling businesses for more than 20 years now. We understand the reasons why you should consider staying on and reasons why you should leave immediately after closing. If you are not sure of what to do after the sale, here are the important considerations we recommend you do.

Importance of staying on

The first thing we help you understand is the importance of staying on after you sell my business La Cañada Flintridge. For starters, when you choose to stay on, you will have a significant impact on the sale of your business. Choosing to stay on makes it easier for you to command a better selling price because the new owner will have you around for consultation.

One thing you will notice about staying on is that when you choose to stay on you will be able to increase the transaction price. As the person who started, grew and operated the business for years, there is no one that understands the business better than you. As a result, choosing to assist in growing the business is your primary opportunity to convert your knowledge into cash.

Our job when you choose to stay on after the sale is to negotiate better terms. We will help you reap the most benefits from your decision to stay on after the sale. This is for the simple fact that the new owner stands to gain a lot when you choose not to leave immediately.

Motivation for selling

Another very important consideration you should make is that on your motivation for selling. Before accepting you as a client, at So-Cal Business Brokers we take the time to vet your reason for selling. We only get paid when you sell and if you are not a serious buyer we will not earn our commission. We will also help you determine if your reason to sell my business La Cañada Flintridge is a valid one or not.

If you are torn between staying on and leaving, your reason for selling will help make the most informed choice. For example, if the reason for selling is primarily financial, sticking around could be a great idea because you will be able to command a better selling price. On the other hand, if you are selling due to burnout or lack of motivation, leaving as soon as possible will be the best move.

At So-Cal Business Brokers we have worked with all manner of clients and sold countless businesses. We know what buyers are looking for and will be able to help you get the best deal at the end of the day. Give us a call now to take advantage of our free consultation.

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