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How to Keep the Sale of Your Business a Secret

The success of commercial business sales La Palma relies heavily on confidentiality. If stakeholders, customers, employees and vendors learn of the sale they might leave the company thus causing the value of the business to plummet. Considering the sale of a business takes months, you need the right help to keep the sale a secret. Our team at So-Cal Business Brokers has sold dozens of businesses and we know how to maintain confidentiality throughout the sale.

Why keep the business sale a secret?

The key reason you need to keep the sale confidential is not just because employees might jump ship, customers start looking around at competitors or vendors stop offering their best prices and services. It is because in most cases the story will get distorted. You will be amazed by the fiction that might germinate from the little seed of an inadvertent disclosure. The stories range from the owner is terminally ill to the business is going under to the competitors are taking over and everything in between. This is why in commercial business sales La Palma we offer our best services in confidentiality management.

Control who knows

One of the things we do when you hire us is control who knows what and when they know it. We understand the sensitivity of the situation and work with you to preserve confidentiality while selling your business. From the first meeting through to closing, we advise you on how to preserve confidentiality. Although our process is tailored to a specific business, it looks something like this:

  • We provide a private office to host meetings. Your employees and customers will never see you meeting with anonymous strangers.
  • Post blind ads. We know how to market your business for sale with just enough information to make the opportunity enticing but without disclosing the identity of your business.
  • Prequalify buyers. We know that not all buyers that come knocking are interested in buying your business. We will help you separate real buyers from the tire-kickers who just bring curiosity to the table.
  • Signing of a foolproof non-disclosure agreement. After identifying a viable buyer, an NDA has to be signed before the identity of your business is revealed. Our NDA is legally binding and will keep potential buyers from disclosing any information shared about your business. There is strict legal recourse for breach of confidence.

So-Cal Business Brokers is here to help you achieve success in commercial business sales La Palma. We will guide you through all the steps from offer to sales, contract and closing, handling of the sensitive sale details and so on.

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