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How to Effectively Utilize a Confidentiality Agreement

In commercial business sales La Puente, countless great deals get undone due to failure to utilize and follow confidentiality agreements. Failing to adhere to the contract often leads to myriad problems. It is for this reason that at So-Cal Business Brokers we take the time to ensure that you have the best confidentiality agreement and that it is implemented properly. When working with us, even if a deal falls through, you never have to worry about word getting out or your business secrets being stolen. But how do we ensure confidentiality is maintained all through?

Consequences of breach of confidentiality

There is no one that understands the consequences of breach of confidentiality than us. Having been involved in commercial business sales La Puente for more than 20 years now we have seen the worst side of failure to adhere to this important contract. When word gets out about the sale of a business, business owners deal with all manner of problems which range from employees leaving to key customers quitting and taking their business elsewhere. At the end of the day, the value of a business takes a dive and selling for maximum profit becomes impossible.

If you have taken time to learn more about us, then you know that at So-Cal Business Brokers we only get a success fee. We only get paid when we sell your business. Our commission is also dependent on how much you sell your business for. With that in mind, you can be certain that we have your best interests at heart. We want you to close the deal fast and sell for the best price. This is why we are extremely strict when it comes to the drafting and issuance of the confidentiality agreement. We know that if you lose we will lose too.

Why you need a confidentiality agreement

The confidentiality agreement is also referred to as the non-disclosure agreement. Using it helps you gain protection from prospective buyers. It burrs anyone you share sensitive information with from disclosing that information to anyone else during the sale. Even if a buyer chooses not to go through with the deal, they still cannot disclose the information you shared with them.

Our job when you hire us to help with commercial business sales La Puente is to create a solid confidentiality agreement. The agreement will clearly define what is and is not confidential. It will also include how confidential information will be shared and marked. We will also add the remedy for the breaches of confidentiality and terms of the agreement.

There are many other factors that are considered when creating a confidentiality agreement. If you are getting ready for commercial business sales La Puente, we encourage you to give us a call to find out more about our services. We offer a free consultation.

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