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Exploring the Offering Memorandum

When it is time to sell my business La Puente one of the most important things you will have to do is consider the offering memorandum. The offering memorandum, often referred to as the selling memorandum, is a highly effective way of helping you get the highest possible selling price. At So-Cal Business Brokers we understand this strategy better than any other professional in Los Angeles and will ensure it benefits you the most.

Getting the executive summary ready

As you sell my business La Puente, you have to understand that this document has to be factual. All the same, it can include some business promotion and selling; something our business brokers will help with. The goal is to tell buyers about the business and show them why buying it is the best decision.

The executive summary mostly takes a look at the highlights of your company. It includes many key factors. It will have everything from an outline of ownership and management structure, description of the business as well as financial highlights. The document also needs a general review of your company’s products and services. Information on the market and reason for selling the business should also be included in the executive summary.

Having been selling businesses for close to three decades now, at So-Cal Business Brokers we understand how important it is to include a great executive summary. Our job is to ensure your executive summary is both compelling and coherent. This is key to motivating buyers to want to learn more. Contact us today for an executive summary that is captures the imagination and attention of potential buyers as you sell my business La Puente.

Other important elements to include

There are certain elements that you must include in the offering memorandum. Your company’s overview and history, for starters, is a must have. You also need to include key elements like distribution, customers/ clients and competition.

You must not overlook factors like the business’ growth strategies, management and financials. Buyers will flip to these sections first. Including your competitive advantage will also help win potential buyers faster.

The more polished the offering memorandum is the better. It is our duty as your business broker in Los Angeles to ensure your offering memorandum is as compelling as it can possibly be. We know that this will be your first point of contact with prospective buyers. We will ensure that you won’t lose them before presenting your case.

Contact us today for a free consultation with our experienced business brokers. We are here to help sell my business La Puente super-fast and for maximum profit.

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