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What Buyers are looking for in a Business?

Commercial business sales Laguna Beach have become more popular than ever before. This is as more people learn of the benefits that come with buying an established business as opposed to building one from scratch. If you are getting ready to sell, the first thing you should do is put yourself in the buyers’ shoes. What are buyers looking for?

Having sold many businesses over the years, So-Cal Business Brokers understands exactly what buyers are looking for in commercial business sales Laguna Beach. There are certain attractive qualities that buyers look for before purchasing a business. These qualities are the deciding factors in selecting a business to buy.

Market/industry stability

The first thing a buyer will want to know is if your business offers a baseline of stability. Buyers know that markets/industries experience cyclical periods of recession and growth. There are businesses that are proven to be more stable in these times and such businesses are more attractive to buyers. How stable your business is in its current market/industry will determine its demand.

Organizational structure

How is your business structured? Business structure is the framework on which your business runs. This can include such things as reporting structure, supervision of employees, operations coordination and task allocation. A major aspect considered is the level of owner involvement with customer facing activities like customer retention, customer service and sales.

The first thing our business brokers will do when getting you ready for commercial business sales Laguna Beach is to refine your organizational structure. We begin by taking you out of the equation by training a management team or hiring a manager. The objective is to ensure your business can continue to thrive even under new ownership.


Buyers will take a look at your business’ culture. Buyers want a business that reflects a culture and beliefs that are similar to theirs. A buyer that is able to identify with the current owner will be able to visualize taking over the business easily. We know the type of buyers that will be interested in your business and will help present your business in a manner that is more attractive to those buyers.


Buyers are not interested in uncertainties. Our team will help with reputation management. We know that a good, strong reputation in a community or industry is the most attractive quality to a buyer. We will set your business up for success.

Other crucial factors buyers consider include established revenue, franchise business, niche business, and owner engagement. Our job at So-Cal Business Brokers is to make your business more attractive to buyers. Contact us today to learn more about our process in commercial business sales Laguna Beach.

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